Verinite Signs ASEAN’s First licensed digital-only(Neo) bank

Life is all about being Versatile and training all realms of life” With the expansion in our services, Verinite is extremely proud in joining hands with Singapore based Southeast Asia’s first licensed  Neo(Digital-only) bank in the Philippines. A Neo bank exists solely online without any physical branches which require cloud-native technology that facilitates innovation whilst future-proofing investment to provide a customer experience which traditional banks struggle to offer.

Our client is a transformative digital bank on a mission to revolutionize the way money works in the Philippines. They plan to provide retail financial products, including deposits, loans, current accounts, payments, and cards on a highly secure digital banking platform. The bank is planning to launch debit cards on BPC SmartVista as its card management system and was looking for a partner who could assist them in seamless and issue-free implementation. As part of this engagement, Verinite has been entrusted to help the bank by owning-up the end-to-end implementation by supporting bank with functional and integration testing. The scheme certification stream will involve getting issuing certification for Mastercard.

This marks a new beginning for Verinite in Neo Banking space. Neo Banks is a rising phenomenon in emerging markets as they are viewed as a direct challenge to the status quo of the established traditional banks, with its lower cost structure and hyper-personal customer experience. Our differentiated and focused offerings for Neo Banks ensure innovation, agility, and strong domain expertise.

Verinite signs BAU(L1/L2) support on BPC SmartVista platform in Oman

Imprinting our footsteps by gaining the clients trust again by providing BAU support on BPC SmartVista in the GCC region.

We always believe if we focus on success, you’ll have stress. But if you pursue excellence, Success will be guaranteed. After completion of the successful migration project, Verinite has been awarded long term BAU (L1/L2) support deal for BPC SmartVista application.

The client is one of the oldest bank in Oman that provides customers with a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions in Retail banking, Corporate and Project finance, Investment banking, trade finance and most recently, Islamic Banking. Client replaced its existing Open2 switch with SmartVista switch to add more features and capabilities for Cards and Acquiring functions.

For BAU support engagement, Verinite will be responsible for system configuration, defining templates for new products, maintain interfaces, testing of issues/enhancements /compliances/CR’s, improving overall service delivery mechanism, and guide business team in parameterization across suite of BPC SmartVista.

It can be said as “Trust and expertise” are the heart and soul of an enterprise, and business success depends on the connections you create and nurture. Verinite is known as a partner who helps banks and financial institutions in emerging markets to extract the maximum value of their business and technology projects in cards, lending and payments domain. Another long term deal support deal added to our growing list of achievements.