Are Digital Banks Becoming the New Norm?

Shopping, entertainment, education, and nearly every major activity we usually do outside, were put to a grinding halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution put forward by small and large players in all these segments was to bring their respective experiences to our homes via digital channels. 2020 saw the digital economy blowing past […]

Banking CIO Priorities For 2021

Last year was a trying period for the banking sector. As the pandemic spread rapidly, banks had to restrict their operations to essential services. All other non-essential functions continued online. For a long time, banks were cautious and slow in adopting digital transformation. It resulted in the emergence of fintech, which promised to be faster […]

What Is Banking-as-a-Service? (And What it is Not)

The banking sector has undergone a major transformation in the last few years. It has become more digitized and customer friendly. It has been developing new products and building new partnerships with fintech and other non-financial companies to create an extraordinary experience for the customers. This has given rise to a new model called Banking-as-a-Service […]

What 2020 Taught Me as an Entrepreneur?

While entrepreneurship is not something for the faint-hearted, I am sure all will agree that 2020 has been a year that humbled everyone, across the board. The year full of hard lessons compelled us to re-evaluate our priorities, re-calibrate how we define business priorities, and restructure how work is done. It forced us to look […]

Why Banks Must Consider Independent Reviews of their Licensing and Processing Contracts

The wave of digital technologies has completely changed the banking and financial services sector. Be it mobile banking or digital payments, or back-end processes and systems, technology advancements are helping banks address the dynamic market conditions, rapidly evolving customer demands, and battle increasing competition by enabling competitive differentiation. Making these technology investments for banks also […]

Why Small Is Beautiful and Right?

Almost a decade back, Mark Andreessen famously wrote: “software is eating the world”.  While we assumed that by now, perhaps software would be done eating the world but it continues in on this journey. Almost every company today is a software company. No matter what the business, organizations have to reimagine themselves as software companies […]

What Makes the Buy Now, Pay Later Trend So Popular ?

The Growing Popularity of the Buy Now, Pay Later Trend As more and more Indian consumers choose digital channels as their preferred choice for making small and big purchases, the unswerving rise in digital commerce has organizations scouting for new and novel ways to improve customer experience. Although the last few years have witnessed tremendous […]

Numberless Cards – Is It the Future?

The cashless payment economy is booming worldwide as people increasingly use their digital wallets and payment apps on smartphones to make purchases rather than swipe their bank cards or pay with currency notes. It is estimated that in 2020, more than 1 Billion people will make payments at a store with their smartphones globally every […]

COVID Has Accelerated Digitization In Banking – 3 Areas Where You Can Leverage The Power Of Digital Technologies

In the last few years, banks are actively adopting digitization to improve customer experience. From easy fund transfers to checking balance, investing in new instruments, or paying bills, digitization has made the lives of customers easy. They do not have to wait in long queues and can complete their banking tasks with just a few […]

Confession of a Program Manager (Part IV):Dress Rehearsal and Go-Live

Confession of a program Manager: From the previous blog series you will remember the project phases, we had seen a sequence of Inception -> Elaboration -> Install & Testing -> Dress Rehearsal & Go-Live -> BAU Stabilization After the testing completion and obtaining the necessary change management board sign-off and getting infrastructure changes ready, it’s time for Dress Rehearsal […]

What are the unique challenges and considerations while conducting Performance Testing for Payment Switches / Applications?

INTRODUCTION PERFORMANCE TESTING checks the speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, scalability of a software program under their expected workload. The purpose of Performance Testing is not to find functional defects but to eliminate performance bottlenecks in the software or device. Performance testing is always been an integral part of information technology sector. It becomes […]

Manual and Automation Testing Challenges

Software testing helps to eliminate the probability that the final product has errors of design or functionality. Software companies perform product testing either manually or by using automation tools. It is an equally integral part of the software development lifecycle just as the design and development. As a software tester, I faced lot of challenges […]

Are challenger banks or fintech’s transforming the lending market or just providing digital makeup?

  We live in a dynamic world where industries have transformed rapidly over last decade due to digital technologies. Financial services are no exception and have seen enormous disruption, and now financial services are not just dominated by banks or credit unions. Fintech organizations are revolutionizing finance services especially in lending and are bringing paradigm […]

Verinite Premier League : Cricket ka MahaYuddh!

To succeed in any field, one requires agility of mind and body, which is also required in the corporate world. As sports and fitness assume greater importance in people’s lives, we can look to draw upon the values and behaviors learned on the sports field like single-minded focus, multi-dexterity, perfection, teamwork, calm demeanor, discipline and […]

Instant Merchant Payments in India – What can other emerging countries learn from it?

UPI: Solution to Instant Merchant Payment and lot more! Borrowing, lending, credit periods, debts are usual terms in any business environment. One factor remains constant here is ‘delay’ in payments. These flexibilities make merchants happy only when there is a prospect for making or increasing business profits. Otherwise, any delay in payment may lead to […]

Intangible Potential of Employee Engagement !!

To win the Market place, you must first win the workplace. The one who has penned this thought has understood the value of employee engagement. An engaged workforce will help the organization achieve great heights. What is this concept of employee engagement? According to Wikipedia, Employee engagement is a fundamental concept in the effort to understand […]

Testing Challenges in Card Management System Migration!!!

Card Management system migrations and conversions are lined up globally across credit card issuers. Credit card domain is witnessing a sharp rise in platform migrations primarily due to: Regulatory challenges – Guidelines from national central banks regarding consumer data placement and security Financial institution mergers – shifting economies resulting in merger & acquisitions in BFSI […]

Digital Wallet – The Road Ahead

Digital Wallet as a concept has evolved over time since its introduction from 2007. It started getting more traction with big players like Google, Apple and Samsung etc. joining the band wagon. If we go by the predictions of domain experts and industry leaders, it is one of the top trends to reshape the payment […]

What Made You Happy in 2018 !

The last year has been full of surprises. While contemplating about what made me happy last year, I was curious to know how the year was for my colleagues. I found some inspiring stories in the discussion with them. Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Last year there were a lot […]

How Ajay Leads from the Top?

Before Verinite I started my career with one of the Top 5 IT companies in India. Being good at studies, helped me to get one of the top engineering college of my city. The advantages of studying in top colleges are that they provide campus placements and you get the job even before you finish […]