David and Goliath story reprises

Hurray!! Verinite signs up with one of a Top 5 Indian Retail Bank for their business critical technology rollout!!

David and Goliath story reprises again as Verinite literally clinched a deal from mighty banking technology service providers and hence is entrusted by one of a top 5 Indian retail Bank to own up their impending credit cards launch.


The client (Bank) is a veteran Indian retail biggie who would want to foray into credit cards business and hence thoroughly evaluated Verinite (a flourishing start-up) against leading Banking technology service providers. Verinite stood tall and was chosen amongst all mammoths for its outmatched and successful track record to own and deliver winning card system engagements across industry leading card platforms.
Undoubtedly, Verinite is turning out to be a huge contender for leading Banking technology service players in market today, especially for technology transformation engagements, as it is proving handy in Consulting as well Technology rollouts and is been delivering value proposition via its affiliation. Testimony to which, now Big Banks along small to mid-sized are also seeing a trusted technology partner in Verinite.
We are glad to be associated with such a Bank who not only entrusted in our values and differentiated proposition but also honored our persistence hard work and perseverance.

God does not give special kids

They came, they saw and they concurred our hearts!! – A recent visit to Savali, an NGO, home to 35+ spastic children

“God does not give special kids to special parents, He takes ordinary, imperfect people, and gifts them with his greatest treasures, And therein, he creates special parents!!”


We Verinitians, felt being special parents last Saturday, especially chosen by almighty, as we visited and met our new friends from ‘Savali’ an NGO, home to 35+ spastic children. They truly concurred our hearts as we spent quality time, interacted and participated in fun activities with them.

As they say, “There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven Million!!” – We were able to touch upon some of these seven million wonders through these children’s eyes, So it be Dharmesh – who could not walk and think like us since childhood, but he’s got guts to express his love and passion towards Dancing and he did it so in his style. The myriad stories of VIP (a cool character who loves to share anecdotes) were never ending but, it would make you think, if they are true or just stories. For Rani, she might not know who were we for a while, but once she knew we were friends next door, she allowed us to interact with her, requested us to offer her a glass of water (an activity she would usually do herself) and as we were to go, she cried ceaselessly holding our hands as if we would never ever return, leaving all us with teary eyes and a thought hovering our mind – I ain’t gonna end this here, this is just the onset as I am definitely going to return!!

Above mentioned characters are real, they are human, just like us but were left marooned by parents/society/friends and many known/unknown Hippocratic thinkers by not believing in these children and themselves. We @ Verinite just wanted to make a difference – an effort to walk a step forward and reach out to these special children, share some time and interact with them. We were extremely satisfied after this visit, as we played with our new friends for hours, sponsored a lunch for all and finally assisted them financially. Although, this is just the beginning, as we are planning to return and meet our friends on a periodic basis to keep their dreams afloat and alive. If our action is urging YOU in you and churning your thoughts to plan such activities/visits, we would feel gratified for inspiring others!!

Check out some memoirs of this visit here http://on.fb.me/1LY2KlA