Confession of a Program Manager (Part IV):Dress Rehearsal and Go-Live

Confession of a program Manager: From the previous blog series you will remember the project phases, we had seen a sequence of Inception -> Elaboration -> Install & Testing -> Dress Rehearsal & Go-Live -> BAU Stabilization After the testing completion and obtaining the necessary change management board sign-off and getting infrastructure changes ready, it’s time for Dress Rehearsal […]

What are the unique challenges and considerations while conducting Performance Testing for Payment Switches / Applications?

INTRODUCTION PERFORMANCE TESTING checks the speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, scalability of a software program under their expected workload. The purpose of Performance Testing is not to find functional defects but to eliminate performance bottlenecks in the software or device. Performance testing is always been an integral part of information technology sector. It becomes […]

Manual and Automation Testing Challenges

Software testing helps to eliminate the probability that the final product has errors of design or functionality. Software companies perform product testing either manually or by using automation tools. It is an equally integral part of the software development lifecycle just as the design and development. As a software tester, I faced lot of challenges […]

Are challenger banks or fintech’s transforming the lending market or just providing digital makeup?

  We live in a dynamic world where industries have transformed rapidly over last decade due to digital technologies. Financial services are no exception and have seen enormous disruption, and now financial services are not just dominated by banks or credit unions. Fintech organizations are revolutionizing finance services especially in lending and are bringing paradigm […]

Verinite Premier League : Cricket ka MahaYuddh!

To succeed in any field, one requires agility of mind and body, which is also required in the corporate world. As sports and fitness assume greater importance in people’s lives, we can look to draw upon the values and behaviors learned on the sports field like single-minded focus, multi-dexterity, perfection, teamwork, calm demeanor, discipline and […]

Instant Merchant Payments in India – What can other emerging countries learn from it?

UPI: Solution to Instant Merchant Payment and lot more! Borrowing, lending, credit periods, debts are usual terms in any business environment. One factor remains constant here is ‘delay’ in payments. These flexibilities make merchants happy only when there is a prospect for making or increasing business profits. Otherwise, any delay in payment may lead to […]

Intangible Potential of Employee Engagement !!

To win the Market place, you must first win the workplace. The one who has penned this thought has understood the value of employee engagement. An engaged workforce will help the organization achieve great heights. What is this concept of employee engagement? According to Wikipedia, Employee engagement is a fundamental concept in the effort to understand […]

Testing Challenges in Card Management System Migration!!!

Card Management system migrations and conversions are lined up globally across credit card issuers. Credit card domain is witnessing a sharp rise in platform migrations primarily due to: Regulatory challenges – Guidelines from national central banks regarding consumer data placement and security Financial institution mergers – shifting economies resulting in merger & acquisitions in BFSI […]

Digital Wallet – The Road Ahead

Digital Wallet as a concept has evolved over time since its introduction from 2007. It started getting more traction with big players like Google, Apple and Samsung etc. joining the band wagon. If we go by the predictions of domain experts and industry leaders, it is one of the top trends to reshape the payment […]

What Made You Happy in 2018 !

The last year has been full of surprises. While contemplating about what made me happy last year, I was curious to know how the year was for my colleagues. I found some inspiring stories in the discussion with them. Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Last year there were a lot […]

How Ajay Leads from the Top?

Before Verinite I started my career with one of the Top 5 IT companies in India. Being good at studies, helped me to get one of the top engineering college of my city. The advantages of studying in top colleges are that they provide campus placements and you get the job even before you finish […]

MasterCard Dispute Resolution!!

Introduction: MasterCard is enhancing the charge-back process by making it easier and faster to handle disputes. It’s called the MasterCard Dispute Resolution Initiative and it will be a rules-based charge-back decisioning process. The aim from MasterCard is to improve the dispute handling process by automatically detecting invalid disputes, shortening dispute resolution time-frames and updating some […]

Non-banking Financial Company : The Indispensable Facts!!!

Introduction: A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 of India, engaged in the business of loans and advances, acquisition of shares, stock, bonds, hire-purchase insurance business or chit-fund business but does not include any institution whose principal business includes agriculture, industrial activity or the sale, purchase or construction […]

The QR Code Evolution/Revolution!!

QR Code: A QR code, also known as a Quick Response Code is a 2-D (two dimensional) barcode. A QR code usually contains information pre-programmed by the originator. It could be a URL, text, image or general information. To reveal the information, the user will require a mobile phone software with the ability to scan and […]

Digital Lending – A Growing Technology!!

Lending is simply the act of giving money on credit to another person called the borrower. The borrower repays the money to the lender with interest over a defined time-period. Lending is a widely understood concept. However, the traditional approach to avail loans is fairly long and complex. Therefore, Banks and financial institutes as part […]

Reconciliation is the biggest challenge for Migration Projects!!

Evolving technology and a highly competitive market are pushing organizations to embrace advanced software systems to run their business and stay relevant against their competitors. Banks and financial institutes are no different to this phenomenon. The existing software & systems used for processing various business functions poses certain limitations as the business requirements evolve over […]

Lets be Agile in Testing!!!

Over the years the demand is growing for the team be operating in Agile fashion and with Agile Testing methods almost at every project location. Project manager wants model or prototype built quickly and testing to be performed in an iterative manner. Obviously, there are advantages of this iterative short cycle testing & the benefits […]

Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Part-II!!

In the last weeks article, we have shared the overview of Visa Claims Resolution process. The way terminology has changed and resulting in lesser number of groupings. We also coved the flow of chargebacks, how it works. In this article we are going to cover about the Allocation and Collaboration workflows, about the impact of […]

Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Part-I !!

Visa announced the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative to improve the dispute process. VCR is Visa’s new system to help reduce timelines and simplify dispute resolution for issuers and acquirers. This is a mandatory change for all issuers and acquirers. On April 15, 2018, Visa’s new rules on chargebacks, called Visa Claims Resolution or VCR […]

7 Characteristics of RPA Tool!!!

Since the beginning of this decade there have been some speculations as to whether the robotic automation workforce will take over the manual tasks? Will it result in unemployment? Or does it mean making good use of robotic automation tools to benefit us all. Various attempts are being made & we clearly see a trend […]

Thoughts Reflecting the Verinite Journey of 7 Years!!

 Today is a special day. Verinite will be celebrating its 7th anniversary (1st June is our Foundation Day). I knew that it was going to be one roller-coaster ride but didn’t expect it to be so satisfying and fulfilling. This entire journey of 7 years can be easily divided into two phases. The first phase […]

The New Face of Digital Transformation : Open Banking!!

Introduction to Open Banking: Open Banking is a financial services terminology and can be defined as below: The use of Open APIs that enable third party developers to build applications and services around the financial institution Greater financial transparency options for account holders ranging from Open Data to private data The utilization of open source […]

Essential Tips for Successful Project Management (Part -1)!!!

In  present world, filled with certified and degree-wielding project managers it is expected that they know the rules of successful project management. It is expected they know prevalent methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, RUP and all the project management tools like Gantt charts, MPPs, Vision, Project requirements, specifications, and almost everything! All those wonderful bits and […]

How Millennials brought a Paradigm Shift to HR Department???

Generation X and Millennials, the two generations together now make up most of the workforce, but despite being back-to-back generations, they are separated by some key differences. The Human Resource Management recommends having a firm understanding of what is important and valued by each of these generations in the recruitment process. Doing so could be invaluable […]

Two Never-Ending Problems of Project Management!!!

The Iron Triangle, also known as the “Triple Constraint,” is the idea that Scope, Cost, and Schedule are intricately linked, so that, for any given project, it’s impossible to change one while leaving the others as-is. A corollary axiom, out of “Quality, Price, and Availability: one can only pick any two,” is an often-overlooked truth, […]